Manufacturing of concrete :

What is Reinforced Concrete?

A mixture of sand, gravel, cement, additives and water. In which iron reinforcements are added.

What is high-performance fiber concrete?

It’s a mixture of sand, cement, fibers, additives and water, twice as light as standard concrete and twice as strong.

What are the advantages of concrete?

A concrete that does not crumble over time ; protection against the wind, the noise ; resists bad weather, strong heat and cold spells.

High Performance Fiber Concrete?

Stronger than reinforced concrete, it allows to make finer and more aesthetic products.

Manufacture of fencing :

How do you make a fence?

Link to the video of the assembly plant

What is a concrete fence?

A concrete fence is made up of several elements, plates that overlap and then fit into poles. The posts must be sealed in the ground.

What are the different types of concrete fences?

  • Classic range reinforced concrete
  • Landscape range reinforced concrete structured one face plate stone or wood
  • Sibella range of high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete structured double-sided plate and panel
  • Modula high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete range with structured double-sided plate plate and panel

What is the difference between tinting and staining?

  • During the dying process, the pigments are mixed in the concrete, but always protect the concrete after installation.
  • Glazing is added at the end of the manufacturing process, the plate is cleaned, heated and the stain is impregnated in the concrete, allowing a total protection of the concrete against foams, graffiti, water, oil, etc. The colour remains lively for more than 10 years. This means that you don’t need to maintain your fence.

Installing a fence :

How to install a concrete fence?

Link to the installation video

Where can you build a concrete fence? On what type of support? What type of soil?

It’s possible to mount a fence on all types of grounds, on the walls you can put the posts in metal supports. Concrete fencing meets wind class standards. Check your class on the map for section sealing posts.

Should joints be made between the plates?

It’s advisable to make joints between the plates for the Classic, Landscape and Sibella ranges.

When should a concrete fence be erected?

It’s advisable to wait for the warmer days to facilitate the installation and the drying time.

Can a concrete fence be removed?

It’s possible to demolish a concrete fence.

Maintenance of the fence :

Should you protect your fence?

For the Modula range, it’s not necessary to protect your fence; the glazing allows a complete and lasting protection. However, for other products, be aware that a concrete that has not been protected beforehand will require regular maintenance.

Is it necessary to maintain your fence?

If you have not protected your fence, it’s necessary to maintain your fence regularly.

What type of protection? At what frequency?

For the Modula range there is no need for protection, in fact the lazure allows a complete and lasting protection. For other products, use a water repellent and for the frequency refer to the instructions of the water repellent used.

The Colour :

Can we change color?

  • On coloured concrete, a coloured water repellent can be used to change the color of the fence.
  • For a lazure: sand the old lazure, clean the fence, wait until it’s dry and put on a new lazure. It’s however advisable to put a colour darker than the previous one.

Commercial conditions :

Where to buy Clôtures Nicolas products?

See the map of France showing the points of sale.

What are the delivery times?

For professionals, the delivery time is a maximum of 6 weeks.

What are the delivery conditions?

For professionals the products are delivered not unloaded at your warehouse or directly on site upon request.

What are the conditions of transport?

  • For professionals, the Modula range: the products are packaged in custom wooden crates according to the orders.
  • For other products, they are delivered in returnable packaging made of iron or wood, or in lost one-way packaging.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order.

After sales service :

What if a broken plate is delivered?

  • Professionals: put a note on the delivery slip and inform us immediately.
  • Individuals: put a note on the delivery slip and contact your dealer.

Who to contact in case of a problem with an order?

Contact your dealer.

What if there is a microcrack?

If the crack is less than 2 mm, this is not considered a non-compliance.

What if white spots appear on my fence (efflorescences)?

Efflorescence is a natural phenomenon that involves the formation of a layer of whitish calcite on the surface of cement products. They can’t be avoided, but they can be cleaned with a concrete fence cleaner. This requires the application of a layer of water repellent after the cleaning of efflorescences.

How to store products?

It’s possible to stack the pallets for transport or yard storage only if they are palletized in consigned pallets. Warning : it’s advisable to establish a rollover in your stock to avoid the appearance of stains on the products.

Is it normal that there are colour differences between the plates and the posts?

The products may differ in colour ; these nuances give a natural characteristic to the product and are inherent to the type of manufacturing process.